RocRide 36-PC Bike Inner Tube Repair Kit. Includes Vulcanizing and Self Adhesive Bike Tire Patch Kit with Metal Tire Levers

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Had a tumble on the trail? No need to fear, your repair kit is here!

RocRide 36-Piece Vulcanizing and Glueless Inner Tube Patch Repair kit is simple to use.  This kit has everything you need to get you back on the trail in no time! Don’t let a tire puncture ruin your ride, our repair kit is here to save the day!

Each Kit includes:

  • Two sand paper scuffer
  • One metal scuffer
  • Two Vulcanizing glue tubes
  • One yellow marker
  • Two Aluminum tire levers
  • Two 2” x 1" oval vulcanizing patches
  • Six 1 25” round vulcanizing patches
  • Twelve 1" round vulcanizing patches
  • Two 1.25” round glueless patches
  • Two 1.25" square glueless patches
  • Two 1" round glueless patches
  • Two 1" square glueless patches


  • ROCRIDE PATCH KIT COMBO - Includes 2 types of bicycle tire patch kit - a vulcanizing bike patch repair kit and also a self-adhesive inner tube patch kit.
  • GET BACK ON THE TRAIL FAST - Use the self adhesive bike patch kit when you need to get up and going quickly. Use the vulcanizing bike tube repair kit when you want a more permanent fix.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL TYPES OF CYCLING - Our bike tube patch kit works equally well on mountain, road or bmx bicycles that use inner tubes. Do not try to patch tubeless tires with this bicycle patch kit.
  • EASY TO USE - RocRide patch kits for bike tires are designed to be quick and easy to use. Just pick the type of patch appropriate for your repair and follow the included instructions.


Vulcanizing Patches:

  • Scuff around punctured area with the metal scuffer
  • Apply glue around punctured area and spread with metal scuffer
  • Wait 5 minutes for glue to dry
  • Peel off plastic and foil from patch
  • Apply patch over glued area
  • Moving from the center of the patch to the edges, press firmly on the patch to insure vulcanization

Glueless Patches:

  • Scuff around punctured area with the sand paper scuffer
  • Peel off white backing from patch
  • Apply patch over punctured area
  • Moving from the center of the patch to the edges, press firmly on the patch to insure a proper seal. 


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