EPIX™ All Purpose Synthetic Bike Chain Lube. 4 oz Bottle.

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PUMP THE BRAKES! EPIX All Purpose Synthetic Bike Chain Lube is the perfect choice FOR YOU!

This high performance all-in-1 lubricant will loosen and remove surface grime with every use. Specifically formulated for ALL riding conditions, this lubricant will provide maximum protection on your drive-train and components. Make shifting and braking easier and give your hands a rest with a quick application to your chain. If you live for a smooth and quiet drive-chain and want a lube that will work no matter the weather, look no further than our EPIX All Purpose Lube!


  • Protects parts from dry, dirty or dusty conditions
  • Repels moisture from your drive-train and components in wet weather
  • No moisture or stickiness to minimize dirt and grime
  • No-spill twist cap to make your application clean and simple
  • For a wide variety of cycling components including derailleurs, cables, brakes shifter pivots, bearings, chains, and bike pumps.
  • Proudly made in the USA


Application Instructions:

SHAKE WELL BEFORE EACH USE to avoid settling of solid lubricants. Clean the drive-train components thoroughly and wipe them down with a clean rag to ensure there are no visible particulates or moisture. While spinning the drive-train, place the tip of the 4oz bottle over the chain and squeeze lightly (avoiding over spray). Be sure to apply a consistent amount throughout the rotation. Let stand for a few minutes and then remove the excess lubricant with a clean rag. For best results keep this product stored above 40°F.

Click here to view the MSDS (Safety Data Sheet).

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