CERAMIX™ Off Road Wet Chain Lube for Extreme Trail Conditions. 3.38 Oz. Bottle (100ml)

  • RocRide® CERAMIX™ OFF ROAD WET CHAIN LUBE is for extreme trail conditions. High adhesion formula provides the best protection for long rides in harsh conditions.

  • CERAMIX OFF ROAD WET CHAIN LUBE goes on wet and stays wet on the chain for great wet weather protection.
  • OUR EASY TO USE bottle is lightweight and is equipped with a no-spill twist cap that makes your application clean and simple.
  • CERAMIX™ OFF ROAD WET CHAIN LUBRICANT is formulated with 30 percent ceramic and a durable high viscosity synthetic base oil with special polymers and anti-wear additives.
  • RECOMMENDED FOR LONG DISTANCE riding and extreme weather conditions but can also be used in dry climates just be sure to wipe the excess oil away.

Product Description:

Why Purchase RocRide® Ceramix™ Off Road Wet Chain Lube?
The super durable high viscosity synthetic base oils, special polymers, anti-wear additives, friction modifiers and more all combine to make this the strongest, longest lasting, and most water resistant lubricant.

Ceramix™ Off Road Wet Chain Lube
Is an excellent choice for exceptional performance in wet weather.

RocRide® Ceramix™ Off Road Wet Chain Lube
Has high adhesion properties, so it goes on wet and stays put on the chain for excellent water resistance.

The Professional's Choice
Professional riders, who typically take longer rides in possibly extreme weather conditions, can use RocRide Ceramix off road wet lube to minimize drive-train maintenance. This ensures peace of mind regarding downtime repairs.

RocRide® Ceramix™ Off Road Wet Chain Lubricant
Is a high performing lubricant that can be used on many components including front and rear derailleurs, chains, brake and shifter pivots and cables.

To avoid settling of solid lubricants. Clean the drive-train components thoroughly and wipe them down with a clean rag to ensure there are no visible particulates or moisture. While spinning the drive-train, place the tip of the bottle over the chain and squeeze lightly (avoiding over spray). Be sure to apply a consistent amount throughout the rotation. Let stand for a few minutes and then remove the excess lubricant with a clean rag. For best results keep this product stored above 40°F.

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