The Best Mountain Biking Trails in Orange County, CA

The Best Mountain Biking Trails in Orange County, CA

Orange County, California is home to some of the best trails in the state. With warm, beautiful weather all year round and very minimal rainfall, theres no place better to bring your bike and ride wild. Below is a list of our 5 favorite places to ride in sunny SoCal. 

1. Pacific Ridge Trail

Located at the top of Ridge Park Road in Newport Coast, this sprawling trail will take you on an adventure filled with challenges, beauty, and intrigue. The rolling hills make Pacific Ridge trailhead the perfect mountain biking destination for the experienced rider who wants to push themselves to the limit or the novice rider looking for something exciting and new! 

2. The Luge Trail

The Luge in Trabuco Canyon is not for the faint of heart but will have you soaring with glee and accomplishment. After a steep incline, the trail turns and becomes a speedy downhill race. With rocky conditions along the trail, the Luge is definitely suited for the more experienced rider. 

3.  Waterworks Trail

Located in Ladera Ranch, Waterworks Trail is the best flow track in Orange County. If you like winding roads and exciting downhill routes, this is the track for you. With minimal hikers and maximum fun, we cant recommend Waterworks Trail enough!

4. Car Wreck Trail

If you are itching for some danger and a challenging ride, then Car Wreck Trail at the Top of the World in Laguna Beach is the trail for you. This grueling trail is technical, rocky and intense, but that is what makes it so exciting! After descending over the top of the ridge, be prepared for a wild ride toward the valley below.

5. San Juan Trail 

Located in San Juan Capistrano off of Blue Jay Campground, San Juan Trail is home to a steep set of switchbacks and intense uphill cilmbs, but the beauty you'll see along the way will make the climb worth it. This trail is very popular, so make sure to head there early!

Is there a favorite trail of yours we missed on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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