Our First RocRide® Weekly Photo/Video Contest Is Around the Corner!

RocRide® Photo / Video Contest

Hello RocRide® fans!  This is just a reminder that we are launching our weekly image/video contest next week!  


On Monday June 4th we will give the criteria here and on other social media platforms of what the image/video should entail(action, funny, jumping, racing, crashing, riding scenes, etc.).  You will have the ability to post on rocride.com/blog all day on Sunday of your images until 11:59 PM PST.  The winner will receive RocRide® Product(s) listed for that week's contest.  We will announce the winner on our Blog as well as Instagram and other social media the next day (Monday).   


Again, there's NO PURCHASE NECESSARY just your AWESOME image/video.  In turn, you give permission for RocRide® to use it for future posts/ads.


Make sure when posting your images that you include your name so that you get credit for it.


  • Joe victory

    Hey I’m joe and my Instagram is @joe_mtb_rider [split]https://i.imgur.com/F9bCumq.jpg,https://i.imgur.com/hm02SB2.jpg,https://i.imgur.com/8jlKQp6.jpg[split]https://i.imgur.com/F9bCumq.jpg,https://i.imgur.com/hm02SB2.jpg,https://i.imgur.com/8jlKQp6.jpg

  • Joe victory

    Hey I’m joe and my Instagram is @joe_mtb_rider [split]https://i.imgur.com/F9bCumq.jpg,https://i.imgur.com/hm02SB2.jpg,https://i.imgur.com/8jlKQp6.jpg

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